Sale due to close of business  

1. Summitec process colour ink


36 kgs Summitec Sheetfed Offset Ink CYMK, 9 kgs each colour, packed in 1 kg vacuum cans, the lot for £SOLD (original price was £ 4.50 /kg ). 

Delivery cost: £20.00 within UK (2/3 days )

You can come and collect them.

For technical specification, please click here


2. Brother Electronic Typewriter/ Word Processor



Daisy Wheel 13 Display 80cols X 7 Lines. Save To Floppy Many Features Hardly Used Made In UK. Still in original box with manual. advanced word processing functions.


3. Flatbed Scanner Colorado Direct 9600. Good Working Condition.

Requires 12v Adaptor And Lead To Pc

Price: £ sold

You can come and collect it. If you order the scanner together with any other item on this list (Except mobile phones) you get it free delivered.

4. Typewriter Word Processor For Professional Use. Daisy Wheel. Many Advanced Features. German Keyboard Layout But Can Easily Be Used For British English

5. Dell Computer Dimension 8400 P4 540 3.2 GHz - 17" CRT - Hard Drive: 160 GB

Price: £Sold

Delivery: £9 Within UK (2/3 days)

You can come and collect it

6. Nokia 6210 Mobile Phones qty: 6: 

Price: Sold


Delivery: £2 each or 4.5 for the lot Within UK (2/3 days)

You can come and collect them


If you are interested in any of the above please contact me on

07940 583348 / 0161 4340253


You are welcome to make an offer! or come to check the items before you buy them

You can pay cash, by cheque or paypal.


Location: Withington, Manchester M20



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