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Massage Cream: The Ultimate Feel-Good Balm

Bring more life into your body and soul!

Massage is an old technique that amazingly relieves stress and improves well-being. It involves manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to help alleviating pain, discomfort, stress and tension. The process enhances blood circulation, muscles tone, the nervous system and skin tone.

Massage is based on the Touch which is both a physical and psychological treatment. A dose of touches brings warmth, comfort and mental healing to the human body. It eliminates the damaging effects of accumulated stress and help normalising the troubled body and mind.


Our Massage Cream was developed over 40 years ago to make massaging easier and more pleasant, it is based on the herbal extracts of pine needles of the Alps, which has moisturising, relaxing and soothing effects. The high viscosity of the Massage Cream makes is the ideal massage cream, you only need small amount of the Massage Cream to massage large area. This also ensures that the skin moisture is maintained for long time. Many of our customers use is as a skin care cream in addition to its massage use.


Use Massage Cream for:

Relaxation and Feel-Good Massage
Foot Reflex Massage
Hand Reflex Massage
Sports Massage
Erotic Massage
Industrial Use
As a Skin Care Cream

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